Tomorrow at this time I will be on the train road in Murcia. If everything goes as planned, at noon I’ve already reached home; I intend to eat there with my brother, pick up a few things and leave first thing in the afternoon with my father to the field. What desire! That Yes, today I have a thousand things to do before putting me with the suitcase. Among other many things I intend to allow multiple entries programmed in the blog, which I don’t like to leave it abandoned so many days but you don’t write much that then the feed reader I have it throwing smoke! And today I leave you with a quick and easy recipe to prepare that it feels great on hot days. Thanks to Laura and Beatrice, which since the campaign of Blooogers I was offered the opportunity to test the new range of Bonduelle, products for salads, with three crisp varieties: pepper into sticks, carrots into sticks and onion into slices.

It is always appreciated the interest of small and large companies to publicize their products among the blogosphere, and more when really strive to have a good communication with consumers. I received not only the three mentioned varieties but also a great gift, a nice set of seven Grocers of glass that comes to my Pearl, as Madwoman of spices that I am. They have liked me much. Although there is nothing like roast your own peppers at home, is a little mess to do so and also with the summer heat don’t want nothing, so have these products in the pantry they save time and effort when you fancy a meal or a quick dinner without complications. They have no rare flavors and I love that they are to the Dente, crujientitos. Thousand combinations occur to me to use them, but what I wanted was a vegetable salad to serve only for a simple lunch dish. To make it more full you can add a bit of rice, quinoa or couscous, for example. The amounts depend on the number of Diners or hunger that needs to.

If you prepare several hours in advance the flavor and aromas will be best. -cooked white beans – Bonduelle – Bonduelle carrot pepper- cherry tomatoes – green beans round the easiest thing is to use beans already cooked in pot natural; simply rinse well and drain them before using. The round beans are frozen in crude oil in any trade, simply cook them for a few minutes, leaving them from getting to the Dente, slightly harsh. We leave the tomatoes in half or in quarters. Place all the ingredients in a salad with vegetables, add the dressing and mix well. Cool at least one hour in the refrigerator before serving. Dressing:-1 tablespoon of olive oil – 1 tbsp vinegar of sherry – 1 tablespoon of lemon juice – 1/4 tsp salt – 1/2 teaspoon mustard of Dijon – freshly ground black pepper – chopped parsley – thyme, Basil – poppy seeds put all ingredients in a bowl and beat with the help of a fork to create a homogeneous salad dressing.