This diet, that is supposed biblical inspiration, is very easy to follow if you know the rule of proportion: 85% of food must be raw; the remaining 15%, of course, cooked. And these must be eaten at the end of the day. Barley is the main protagonist of the Hallelujah diet: breakfast, should not miss a tablespoon of juice of barley; between meals, carrot juice; at lunch, salad vegetables and a serving of the fruit; and at dinner, other salad vegetables (raw) and some food cooked. 85% Of raw foods should be composed of:-beverages: juice of barley, distilled water and extracts of crunchy vegetables (e.g. carrots). Milk alternatives: milk of almonds or creamy banana; cream of Strawberry or Blueberry. -Fruit: fresh and dried up 15%.

The fresh include juices. Drylands: prefer almonds to walnuts. -Grains and seeds: raw muesli, granola, dried, soaked oats, millet, dehydrated crackers, flax or sunflower seeds, tahini. -Oils: olive Extra Virgin, flaxseed, avocado. -Condiments: fresh dried herbs, garlic, sweet onion and parsley; any salt-free seasoning. -Soups with raw vegetables. -Candy: fruit smoothies, cakes of raw fruits. -All raw vegetables that you can ingest raw.

15% Cooked foods will be composed by:-drinks: caffeine-free tea and coffee. -Milk: substitutes for cheese (e.g., tofu), (rice) milk, organic butter. -Frozen (with or without sugar) fruit. -Grains: whole grains, breads, pasta, millet, brown rice, etc. – oils: mayonnaise made with cold-pressed oil. -Condiments: salt marina. -Soups without fat, milk, or table salt. -Sweets: honey, syrup, rice or maple, stevia, etc. – vegetables cooked, cooked to the wok, etc.