With the development of Internet business development in network security has become an increasingly debated topic. Microsoft has published an interesting article: The Ten Immutable Laws of Security. I Try it and see a little bit to add some questions on the other side. To start kratenko understand, and what is safe. Security, according to Mr. Zaplatinsky from the book ‘The terminology of the science of security ‘- is a condition of a complex system when the action of external and internal factors do not lead to deterioration or failure of the operation and development. What factors can affect the information security (whether enterprise or individual with his home computer)? What specifically have to defend? The information environment is the subject of protection of information (essentially just a collection of ones and O’s).

This information can be stolen (with different objectives) or substitute (including the most damage). In general, security is divided into three categories: software, hardware and organization. When than if at least one of the categories do not protection – that protection is not at all. For those who think that stealing from him have nothing to remember, all that can be stolen, and you can change, or simply destroyed. Imagine if the company will completely disappear even if the database accounting – this is equivalent to a good fire, and often with the liquidation of the enterprise.

Let’s start with the axiom of security. And it sounds like: ‘If two sources of information is passed, make sure there is a third point from which this information can be removed or replace. ” Is it all bad and you can steal and ruin everything? Yes, indeed, steal and spoil everything is possible, but not all that bad.