'Love – the best makeup. But makeup is easier to buy '(Yves Saint-Laurent), "Beauty will save the world", "Beauty – terrible force" – as many aphorisms devoted to this mysterious and disturbing fantasy word. What is beauty? Try to understand. There are many points of view on this matter. Some understand by beauty only a visual image, the images picked up by the human eye.

People are beginning to feel the creative beauty more subtle and convey it with such areas of art, like painting, music, literature. But even if the queue for the distribution of talent Kinky guy with sideburns, standing in front of you took the last piece, not despair, because each of us is part of a beautiful world, filled with individual images, and exclusive for each beauty. However, to expression and underscore the exceptional beauty which is given nature, it is necessary to apply some tricks, so familiar to every woman. Yes, it will focus on cosmetics. Even in ancient times lady primitive man used a variety of colors for the body natural origin, to draw attention to his chosen, and in the ideal scenario – very strong and healthy males. In addition, this color brings good luck and protect from evil spirits.

The most widespread cosmetics was in the ancient East, where even the poorest women do not forget about decorating their appearance. At the time, were especially popular essential oils, which, however, a fairly high price and were afford only the upper class. Cosmetic women were kept in special jars Fine adorned with decorative ornamentation, and the most necessary items with you to wear a special ring. Many of the ancient practices are relevant today, for example, women Mesopotamia tinted eye powder of antimony, giving them a jet-black shade that is underlined black eyeliner eyes is the trend for several consecutive seasons. Manifestation of taste and generosity was just using natural facial masks and body, after which the skin becomes soft and velvety, suitable for the application of white paint – the first foundation. The first fat cream was developed by the Roman physician Claudius Galen, the famous discoveries in the field of medicine and pharmacology. This invention is a prototype of the modern koldkrema – ointments used to soften the skin, in the which includes natural ingredients: beeswax, almond oil, and others. Most of the creams for face and body in ancient times were the means made by hand, based on animal fats, as well as essential oils and herbs juice. Resident of the Mediterranean coast added to olive oil, rejuvenating the skin. Only in the xix century, cosmetics became involved in science, creating a variety of means to prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of the skin. At the same time there was a division of cosmetic products for decorative, used to decorate and enhance the natural feminine beauty, and healing, enables us to give smoothness and a healthy glow to your skin. Shop 'Italiano cosmetici' focuses on the second form of cosmetics. We hope you will find the tools that are appropriate for you. Accentuate your beauty and health!