In other words, to be healthy and to get positive emotions, you just get away from the mass and uniformity and seek creativity and individuality, which we have to do. Or maybe we just tried everything and decided to go back to the craft? Or crisis, with its unemployment, we just ran over and left no choice, and we have to remember those most notorious labor lessons and courses sculpting, sewing, in order to earn a living? It seems the truth, as always, somewhere in between. And most of all, it combines all of these reasons, but most of it laid at the level of subconscious. We all feel the warmth and energy that comes from products made with their hands, the soul master, which he puts into his creation, and are drawn to it as a source of light. After all, no stamping, make the mechanism does not possess this quality, but because obezdushennoe, causes much less enthusiasm. Haute couture What is haute couture like no hand-made aerobatics? Couture – from the French "sewing." Hand made couture – the prerogative of the rich and those who are able rate this work highly. It has its own rules and requirements. For example, the haute couture clothes sewn longer than usual and be sure to personally to each customer, observing not only the individual measurements, but also, as a rule, the exclusive design approach. Products' high sewing ", namely, this means haute couture, rarely duplicated, because everything that is repeated, gradually becoming available, and becomes public begins to depreciate.