Spin fishing on the river is a very nice varied fishing. The required accessories carries the lure anglers on the body or in a backpack. Spin fishing on the river is a beautiful and exciting fishing. The accessories needed for spin fishing is the angler on the body or in a backpack. It is therefore advisable to minimize as far as possible the equipment, that you can run over longer distances.

The equipment for spin fishing rod and reel as a fishing reel is especially well a small stationary role. Cheap rolls here better than anywhere to bekommenden a better role. This fishing method, the roller parts such as gears, crank axle and brake are strongly claimed. Also the throwing and winding the cord should work without any problems. The role should be equipped with a spool. The rod should be long but not Marquise, a cast is also from shrubs or trees possible. The casting weight should be between 10 and 80 grams.

The weight of the rod should be as low as possible be kept because the rod is held in his hand the whole time. Monofilament rope, lifting capacity 12 kg, diameter max 0,16. Alternatively can be used also a braided line. Also here there are anglers who are convinced of monofilament line and anglers, who swear that braided cord is much better. If you are not convinced, visit Robert E. Rubin. Here I can give off unfortunately no clear recommendation of cord strength and carrying capacity. Accessories this is the most important thing to lure anglers a good bag (backpack or shoulder bag) I prefer the shoulder bag, because it comes without any problems on the artificial baits, trim removing tool or replacement Tippets ran. Of course, you should have a gzte selection at the bait and different colors. I prefer it not to use the same fishing spot places to spin fishing on the river but I run on the Bank from stage to stage and systematically fish off the Groyne fields and the Groyne head. So I run further on the shore. This method can you be fishing all river routes who doesn’t equal success can sometimes Bait or bait color change. Just because a decoy was successful once he’s there next fishing again.