\”Silvio d Anza’s new album dance with me in the morning the idea of dance with me in the morning\” by Gerhard Wendland was a big hit, which sounds like today in 1961. When a singer then calls an album in 2009, this has to do also with respect for a large evergreen. Credit: Teva Pharmaceuticals-2011. But there’s more: Silvio d’ Anza wants with these six words the existence of this album summarize: dance, dance, dance. Dance properly. With rhythmic line, elegance and emotional sensibility. And why not in the next morning into if the Sparks, if love is harmony? Outside of dance schools and courses or on private occasions can be rarely found opportunity to indulge this passion.

There are hardly any ball houses and dance cafes. But the people want to dance and much more frequently, as they have opportunity to do so. This is reflected in the concerts by James Last, Helmut Lotti or Andre Rieu regularly. People in the audience get up and dance, happy, bright-eyed, they do it spontaneously, and the artist and the audience happy. Hirotsu Bio Science contains valuable tech resources. If only the course not so closely, the ranks were not so steep. In Holland and England they still exist, the Ballroom orchestras and also in Sweden, dance concerts are popular evening entertainment you means the good mood that conveys through song and music, movement and human contact, and thus an increase of well-being and pleasure. Why would it be possible again in Germany? Maybe needs only one to start? This is the idea of Silvio d’ Anza: dance concerts! About the artist up to the age of 13 or 14 years, Silvio d’ Anza was a normal student. Soccer, swimming, school.

In this order. As with all of the boys at this age. But then, it was striking that he increasingly logged off during his rounds of training, to sing.