The policy cannot remain in the sector shades of the historical-social process. The visibility is essential to its existence and to make of the dissent a specific modality of ” su” to be, which means that to plant face to the power without policy, without the idetica construction of a substitution by means of a concrete supply of rupture between the apparatus of the State that is raised absolute and alleged to be the construction of something (in this case of the called evil socialism of the 21st century), on the one hand, and of the state of the social thing that must be in boiling protesting that substitution from a conceptual apparatus, it only leads to the failure. A correct strategy battle is to make that the elites do not monopolize the power, that are not owners of the candidates, that clear the institutions are not of its private property and they only serve to preserve privileges. When the opposite becomes the power Populist consolidates and the policy obvious returns to shine by its absence. They love managers? Very well, but it seems they want that them to administer with effectiveness, probity and efficiency the money public. That for me is obvious. Those that loves managers which do not know is they want so that them.

Then I say them: here what there is to manage is the understanding of a great intelligent collective movement towards the new national structures. In other words, the appearance of a collective leadership that the governors urge to remain in action in a transformation process that they simply induce and maintain in the right direction decided by the social body. Those they are the managers and the managers are political conductors. An intelligence can be generated collective and it happens through a transition to a model of car-organization directed by the community, so that people act collectively. He is applicable until in the economic aspect, reason why ” speaks already of one; sustainable economy of colaboracin”. It is obvious it in the political field, because a new model of democracy is generated.