Current results of the beauty24 summer, Sun, sunburn: while women go safe, men take the risk of burnt skin in purchase. First aid for sunburn is called after Sun cream. The current survey of the wellness trip organizer beauty24 ( behaves Sun, bend in – and healing methods of both sexes. Berlin, July 12, 2012. A beautiful complexion is universally popular.

But Sun protection is more in demand than ever. How to protect men and women against the Sun’s rays and what resources to regenerate krebsrote skin, has figured out the wellness trip organizer beauty24 in its recent survey. When the sun shines strong, women put on an extra protection and men risk a puterrote skin. As for a Sun-compatible presence protects women not only with sunscreen (75 percent), but also with great Sun Hat (54 percent) and light clothing with UV filter (26 percent). The man, however, is gearing up on hot days prefer and regularly with Sunscreen-SPF 30 (66 Percent) or Sunblockern (18 per cent; Women: 19 percent).

(N) it takes just not quite so important with sunshade. Irritated skin is reminiscent of Indians and you know know no pain. But no matter, whether woman or man: Most sizzling both shady (total 83 percent). The majority of female respondents (81 percent) avoid the midday sun, in contrast to the male 62 percent, or pay you only a short visit (women 62 percent;) Men: 59 percent). The skin is then burned, quick and soothing help you need. For men, the motto applies: the simpler, the better. Most respondents (60 per cent) men rely cream on the conventional after-Sun. This is popular with female lugs (62 percent). Because they satisfied not only with a beauty product, they trust in addition to large woman natural and home remedies such as cottage cheese, yogurt or buttermilk (57 percent). 46 percent are looking for even the way to the pharmacy for the wound and fire ointment.