To keep our joy of life and our youthful verve, is also the movement of essential addition to the diet. The debut feature from the bright green wellness series”of the publishing house is currently placed in trade. “With the title: fountain wanted – old be without being old ISBN 978-3-938684-32-0 currently appears the title of a long practised specialist for gynaecology, the focused on aging” deals. Who wants it not, old are, without being old. The biology and their development is intriguing, even adventurous.

In animals, we will see how it works. “Nature has tried everything possible, even, that men” release. A part of this book is dedicated to this fantastic development. The people then attempts to show how cleverly it all works, what brought forth the nature. It describes all the organs and organ systems and their significance for the sophisticated interplay. The changes in the life demonstrates why we age and die, must. Can you outsmart the nature and, if so, what risks are we? One thing is clear, animals can think more than we previously believed.

But only we are able to almost even to change us or treat. We are working increasingly in the Office, often not sufficient move us, eat work between by. The importance of the movement can be found in many books. On the affecting nutrition, attempting to enter here. Both belong together. We feed us wrong. It demonstrates that we need only turn to the so-called food pyramid, then it’s true. Will be shown in detail how we should feed ourselves and what is the significance for this central hormones – for women estrogens, for men are testosterone – to. That a decisive role to the nutrition is emphasized. Also in terms of on the diabetes type 2, where now more than every tenth person suffers. Of the book aims to contribute to the need for clarification and to give guidelines for the optimal behaviour to a certain extent. More detailed information under – within the bright green wellness series with all bibliographic information, the detailed table of contents under uv5800.htm