– Pay attention to the number of witnesses, present at a survey worker traffic police or the doctor who was invited to examinations, witnesses are not. – Noting in drawing up a protocol that you do not agree with the results of the survey as quickly as possible, please contact the medical facility, where on the basis of analysis will be able to confirm the absence in your blood and urine traces of alcohol. Clock narcologist takes in the Office of Traffic Police at: Garden-Samotechnaja Str., 1. Procedure for examination in the medical Establishment Survey in medical institutions of alcohol produced at any time in specialized classrooms drug dispensary doctor – a psychotherapist – narcologists or determinable by health medical – care facilities or in mobile laboratories, specialized medical auto doctors – psychiatrists, psychiatrist – Addiction, neurologists, as well as specially-trained physicians of other specialties. Persons subject to certification in medical institutions, must be delivered to the venue no later than two hours after Accident or to identify the influence of alcohol.

In an institution necessarily conducted studies to determine the concentration of alcohol in biological fluids (exhaled air, blood, urine, saliva). Physician in all cases of inspection certificate in the prescribed form of the Ministry of Health. The act reflected: – Comprehensive data about the appearance of the subject's behavior, the violation of his consciousness, orientation, memory, and speech, motor coordination, the state of neurological and somatic spheres, the presence of odor of alcohol in exhaled air. – The mandatory observed laboratory data (drivers need to know that to detect a positive reaction to alcohol in the breath it takes at least two different methods with mandatory double sampling with an interval of 20-30 minutes).