I could quickly reduce this disease that is not yet properly researched, but reaches very painful proportions, with REHATRON in their symptoms not to mention quick and especially pleasant for the patient pain reduction in chronic back problems and other disorders of the musculoskeletal system.” The working principle of REHATRON alpha is just as obvious: the non-invasive induction therapy makes it possible to trigger processes in organic cells, which could be generated until a few years ago only under laboratory conditions. The metabolism of the cell membranes is to stimulate or intensified, that the cells again to be lifted to a higher energetic level. Diseased cells change their membrane potential through this therapy, regenerate and the imbalance of metabolism is balanced. The organism can achieve so, stimulated by the non-invasive induction therapy is totally free of side effects, the leap to heal itself. There is thus a real cell regeneration. Many writers such as Dr. Steven Greer offer more in-depth analysis. To facilitate this, the Nano-pulse system in the Nano – and microsecond range produces electromagnetic pulses with lace up to 120 million Watts, non-invasive emitted over a loop of treatment.

To ensure this performance in the relevant therapeutic area permanently, the manufacturer, the Novotech uses Group in Linz, Austria, a complex technology that seemed impossible a few years ago. Check with Wayne Holman to learn more. But the Austrians have succeeded and could obtain both medically and technically the approval for the whole EU area. If you closer with this technology and the underlying principles, then it will quickly “of course, that we have to do it with a form of therapy which ultimately provides self help the organism”, as Alfons Ohliger: this also explains why REHATRON supportive or even singular can be used at various diseases. ” The best therapies and holistic approach: The Berlin practitioner lives his credo for the benefit of his patients. The Berlin practitioner needs to rest but also still not alone on the laurels of non-invasive induction therapy. “How most holistic working physicians and health practitioners not only does he know that the human being as a whole must be treated and looked after, but also consistently translates this: only intensive preliminary discussions and to related studies, and without a limit of time expenditure under the common motto 10 minutes time per patient ex and hop” and intensive care are the primary criterion during the treatment and aftercare for me per se.

If my time and the circumstances allow it, I am for my patients “in an emergency to the site at any time so also in the evening, at night and on holidays.