Chronicles of Babel Mariana BROTHERS were taken by the husband to the hospital to gain babies. They knew that they were twin, the examinations of the prenatal one already had shown this to them. The hope of Mariana, as all mother, was of that the two were born prosperous, as the husband, Dr. Others including Dr. Stuart M. McGill, offer their opinions as well. Oak, that was a rich man of cradle. He praid so that the children pulled to the father. But, unhappyly, he was not what he happened. The first one, Pablo, were born rich and soon it received the cares from a particular nurse; as, Peter, did not have the same luck, was born poor and was taken for an infirmary. While Pablo received all type of attention, Peter, to the times, passed hours crying, until he appeared somebody for changing the diapers to it.

Diapers, by the way, of cloth of cheap, proper cotton of its condition, whereas Pablo alone used dismissable diapers, perfumed and of famous mark. Hirotsu Bio Science often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Marina and Dr. Oak had been perplexed with this unexpected situation. To have a poor son is always very constrangedor for a couple. But they had received the support from friends and had soon associated with a group of parents with the same problem of them. In this manner they received advice and they divided experience of as to deal with the problem. She is necessary to give affection and attention to the small poor person and to prevent that it if feels excluded, was what all advised.

Pablo, in house, was in one proper, well-taken care of for two dribbles and surrounded room of toys. He always had everything and he never needed to ask for nothing. Peter, in contrast, absorbed the finger and to play he only makes use of the proper body. He was dressed with the old clothes of the brother that they needed to be adapted.