Good news for people who put in the context of anti-aging action also on the strength of the plant-based Omega-3 fatty acid ALA reduce risk of fractures by osteoporosis. For the purely vegetable ALA is for the health of the people of great importance. It is an essential omega-3 fatty acid, which, similar to as vitamins – of the people can not even be produced, but must be taken with food. The vitamins is also similar to their diverse influence on human health. It is also essential for a healthy development of the nervous system and the preservation of neural efficiency for a healthy cardio circulatory system. A reduced supply of ALA can lead to arteriosclerosis with myocardial infarction and cognitive performance weaknesses with dementia and even mood swings.

The fact that ALA can also positively affect bone metabolism from linseed oil and thereby promotes the bone stability and prevent probably even fractures of the hip joint is pretty new and largely unknown can. For a healthy bone is the harmony of anabolic processes and bone-depleting processes of vital importance. This equilibrium is upset and the processes that Deplete bone win the rampant, then it comes to the bone loss, the dreaded osteoporosis at the in Germany approximately every 7 man and second woman can fall ill. Hip fractures and vertebral fractures can be the consequences. To stop these developments is the target of intensive research.

This move increasingly natural materials in the focus of researchers. Therefore, American researchers in a very current work have analyzed the present research findings to ALA. While they noted that the bone mass and bone stability can be increased with linseed oil, which contains much ALA. In addition, concerned the question of whether really the Omega-3 fatty acid ALA or possibly an other ingredient was responsible for the positive characteristics of the linseed oil.