He protects her, just in case of emergency. Bath can give effect to a second wind – if all do so gradually. Do not worry if after visiting the baths and saunas on the skin appeared "leopard" pattern. This means that the capillaries have earned, and the process of circulation is more intense than usual, and it was good. If you are uncomfortable sweat in the sauna, it is a sign that you are not relaxed. But do not worry, try to forget all the troubles, go to the bath more often, and gradually got better.

Those who likes to sit in the bath for a long time, and do not one approach, risk disturb mineral balance. It must be restored. Beer? Yes, this is one of the favorite bath drinks. Can and beer. But if you come to the baths for health, it is better to drink fruit drinks and herbal teas. Lose weight in the bath – really. But from what you will sit in the sauna for half an hour, exhausted from the heat and admiration for his strength of will, nothing will. Need complex procedures, such as honey wrap, plus a sauna – and you can solve the problem of excess weight, but again, not all at once.

and Still bathhouse – not a magician, though, and help get rid of 30-40% of your problems. To make a real effect should be the interaction – a gym, work masseurs, sauna, swimming pool. Concluding the visit spas, it is important not to lose the resulting benefits. After soaring costs to go to a warm shower, and not in the cold baptismal font. Then sit, relax for 10-15 minutes, drink some tea. Then, get dressed, get together, without haste. Go out on the street immediately after the pairing is dangerous. First should dry off and relax, give your body time to switch to the new situation. Bath – not only a great way to relax yourself, this is a great opportunity to make a good rest to your friends. Although their feelings you share will not be able to collect close to one company and make a real celebration of body and soul to you under force. In addition, the bath can become a wonderful gift. How much can you give neckties and perfumes? Order for its second half, or colleagues at work one or more procedures. From this it is impossible to refuse. Such a present will bring a lot of joy and positive emotions, and you will be remembered as a sincere and creative person who able to give gifts from the heart. However, to truly revel in a public place, not everyone can. And it is not necessary. We offer you a marvelous opportunity – "sauna suite, where you will be just you. Nobody can prevent you from getting portion of unearthly bliss, nobody will bother ordinances baths and do not dare to disturb you. Enjoy! fitness center Kimberley Land and water park. Vip Sauna