Heretic is not burning at the stake but the lights On October 31 is celebrated in many countriesa night of witches, known as Holoween, a tradition that is already long overdue. During the celebration of Halloween, children and young people dress up as witches, goblins, skeletons, ghosts, devils, in clear reference to death and, thus, go from house to house asking for small rewards and threatening economic or culinary to make a joke if this is not fulfilled by the visit. It is said that Halloween night, the door separating the living world of the Beyond opened and the spirits of the dead were a procession in the villages where they lived. On this night the spirits visit the homes of their relatives, and that spirits do not disturb the villagers had put a candle in the window of his home for every deceased person who had been in the family. If there was a candle in memory of each deceased spirits do not bother their families, if they did not spirits disturbing them at night and made them fall between terrible nightmares. The journalist Ana a Bertolini said that without doubt, its origin is more related to the Latin formula, a o The o lighted pumpkin is a late addition, emerged from the Irish legend a Jack-o-lantern on the ghost of a poor fellow, which nobody wanted, and that once dead God and the Devil was forbidden entry into Heaven and Hell. So Jack bustled with a flashlight (a cabbage hole with a burning coal) for a crack to squeeze in one of these realms.