And she said, very pleased with product. By the way, now it no longer stands alone. Married and all his free time caring for her husband shined and their small son Sasha. In general, now and into Sunday, I – one. From what I was alone, I had a lot of free time and I was looking for ways to kill him.

Most often in the evenings, I ordered myself a pizza, sat down in front of the TV and at the end film eating ice cream. Itself did not notice that gradually turned into a plump homebody. Then come to the rescue of my old friend who opened my eyes to my changed, not the best, way of life. Then she came with all his wonderful and friendly family to visit me. I was surprised that, in any form other than a friend. Although postpartum about 3 months. After a delicious dinner, when her husband entertain well-fed toddler Marina, I asked how she managed to return to previous form in such a short period of time.

She came to me with a laptop and asked to enter the site Internet – shop "Bio ABC." At first, I reacted skeptically to that idea, but Marina persistently tried to convince me that it was the product she was grateful for the way now looks and feels. To start recommending me a few items: pull-up and body gel "Viva Beauty Body gel Konturing" and "Anti-cellulite serum", advised to change their lifestyles and pay attention to nutrition. I decided to take the risk, and followed all her advice and recommendations. Treated the case with all diligence and responsibility on which was capable. Even signed up for spinning. Since the last 4 months, and my life changed completely. Now I look just like the day of our wedding with Stas: slim, young and fresh. At work, I flitted, managing to perform all the tasks above, delivered leadership, and in his spare time, I had enough for all the necessary things and my new friends and acquaintances. But today was special for me, and I think for too Stas. I received from a lovely bouquet of my favorite colors.