Spring comes. Flowering time, beauty and love! We remove the headgear to show their hair, but now …? Lifeless, dull, brittle, devoid of luster hair. What do we get the winter had done its work and turned our dignity in a dry and lifeless. But not just winter. These results and the stress, vitamin deficiencies, malnutrition, lack of hair care products.

Let's think how we can restore the beauty of our hair, getting ready for spring. 1. And the main thing. Despite the fact that the street is already shining sun, we begin early to remove their hats. Cold, which have not yet had time to step back a negative effect on hair.

Also, do not go outside with wet hair. This leads to brittleness. 2. Try to abandon the Fenway, hot curlers, ironing. If you can not afford it, use protective mousses and gels. 3. Do not wash your hair with hot water, try to make the most of it is cool as only suffers a scalp. After washing, do not comb hair brush and comb with frequent teeth. Also, do not go to bed with wet hair. This leads to their fragility. 4. Use a mask for your hair type. Folk remedies will help you. If you have oily hair – then you fit the mask for oily hair, using clay eggs. When dry – then a mask for dry hair with oil, honey and yogurt. 5. If you can go to a salon to professionals to help find a cure for hair. 6. Eat properly, consume more fruits and vegetables and other foods rich in vitamins A, B, C, E and PP. 7. Discard the chemical effects on the hair – dye chemistry better postponed until better times. And you can just abandon them. After all, this season is in fashion natural hair color. 8. If your hair is cut by, it is better to cut their hot scissors. This procedure is done in any salon.