At Germany’s biggest hit-indoor-festival, but not only the stage shows provide chills and atmosphere. In the three party zones, pop and NDW DJs get the party crowd in swing. To well-known and “new pop hits such as Anita”, Greek wine or cowboy & Indian “can be danced and sung with late into the night. And whether fraulein Menke, Markus, Nena and Hubert Kah is the Neue Deutsche Welle also! Rolling Stone Weekender 30 stage show, 25 live concerts, to a cultural and gourmet – programme, hot hours after show parties and maintained in eleven restaurants and several bars, also perfect childcare and entertainment free fun. The indoor festival organized in cooperation with the Rolling Stone magazine promises not only rock around the clock and Super-Party sentiment is at the same time a relaxed short vacation at the Baltic Sea and an event for the whole family. During the day of holiday and leisure park offers a free child care, in the evening a reasonable Babysitting service. Children get 50% discount on the weekend ticket with overnight up to twelve years old, children can be free in four years.

And there’s lots of fun and action on the giant Recreational area. On the stage to see the Bands Calexico, Kettcar, Tindersticks, animal collective are Gisbert zu Knyphausen and Nils Karim, Spiritualized, two Gallants Van Dyke Parks, Polica. There are also still book readings by famous authors. “Holiday and leisure park Weissenhauser strand welcome in the land of diversity, where you no either/or” knows, but so much choice and variety, that surprised every day with a new sensation. In the holiday and leisure park white houses Beach, there are Beach fun for swimmers and climbing fun for alpinists, relaxation wellness fans and action sports enthusiasts, Baltic Sea and South Sea, dunes and jungle, nights in comfortable hotels or in the spacious penthouse and family accommodation in apartments and bungalows.