Destination Germany – facts and figures about destinations of the Republic Germany is becoming increasingly popular as a travel destination. City breaks to Berlin or Hamburg, excursions in the nature (Saxon Switzerland, Schwarzwald), baden Baltic Sea or skiing in the mountains in North or whether Germany can boast of its diversity. According to the research community holiday and travel”2010 27.1 million foreign tourists in Germany were counted. For the first time reached the historic mark of 60 million hotel nights. And rising. Petra Hedorfer, Chairman of the Tourist Board expects over 80 million overnight stays in the next ten years. This development is reflected also in economic terms. Some 2.8 million people are employed in the tourism industry, meaning rank three behind the craft and healthcare.

But also the German Federal citizens travel much and liked. 49 million Deutsche 2010 packed their bags to go on holiday. Total 2010 75.6 million visits (minimum 5 became Day) by the research community travel covered. At the top of the destinations are North – and Baltic Sea with nearly 10 million booked travel. The following places will go to Italy (6.1 million trips) and Austria (4.5 million trips). Germany is the most popular destination of Germans with 30.4 million registered travel compared to other visitors (neighbouring countries), of the medium-haul (Balearic Islands or Turkey) or Fernzielen (United States, Caribbean) still in the sum. For your holiday, German tourists in the sum spent EUR 129.3 billion. In addition to relaxation and wellness, renting apartments or holiday homes among the most popular vacation interests.

But why should tourists opt for Germany? Immowelt worked out in this respect an infographic, which contains interesting travel facts about Germany. So compared to international hotspots under other seven German attractions, events, and circumstances. While the German goals cut very well. To the Example there is more sand beach as in St.Tropez in Sylt and the Riesling – growing area in the Palatinate is three times as large as the wine region of Burgundy in France. Still, four good reasons are illustrated, why should be posted in Germany. 6200 museums in Germany are an impressive number.