Acne or acne – one of the most common skin disease, which is a chronic inflammation of the sebaceous glands, which is accompanied by constant rashes on the skin. If untreated, acne can go into severe and lead to irreversible changes, such as the formation of unsightly scars. Usually, acne consider the inherent young people (14-17 years), but in fact it is prevalent among the adult population. So do not expect that with age the disease will be myself, and begin treatment immediately.

Causes of Acne Causes of Acne knows everything. On skin accumulates excess sebum, which is glued together with dead skin cells and clogs the sebaceous-hair duct. Formed ‘stopper’ – comedo. In such circumstances, the bacteria begin to proliferate, there already mentioned, they can not pass with age, taking more and more severe. With age, the cause of the disease can be severe hormonal disturbances associated with endocrine disruption, or chronic diseases.

In such cases, should consult a endocrinologist. The appearance of acne may also be related to other factors. Thus, the cause of acne can be used comedogenic cosmetics – products containing lanolin, petrolatum, sulfur. This may be a make-up (foundation, powder), regular use of which leads to the development of acne. Long-term use of certain medications drugs (antiepileptic, anti, contraceptive drugs and others) can also cause acne. Acne may worsen during autumn-winter period, the week before menstruation in women, the deterioration may be caused by psychological stress and depression. Acne In the treatment of acne should not rely on advertised cosmetics. Use of acne cure acne can not illness, although it may give a temporary positive effect. In order to decide which tool or technique to apply, you should consult with a beautician. It is not necessary independently squeezed pimples and pustules (though who among us does not violate this prohibition?). Without proper care can be brought into the wound infection, leading to severe inflammatory process. If the disease is mild in form, we can restrict our self-treatment. First of all, this is the right skin care. After consultation with a beautician possible to use topical medications. It can be traditional means – salicylic acid and preparations containing sulfur, or a more modern means – benzoyl peroxide, azelaic acid. These measures will help prevent the serious consequences of the disease and to control the disease. effective set of techniques. Acne (acne) includes several procedures: cleansing laser; reduce the formation of sebum; removal of inflammatory processes. Treatment of acne with the top layer of skin that has a positive effect on the general condition of the skin. The procedure does not require any special care and medication. The average treatment takes 3-4 sessions, held every three weeks. In the course of treatment Clinic LINLINE you do not have to change the habitual routine of life, and the effect of the procedure will continue for more than 6 months. Its specialists LINLINE there to help you be beautiful and happy.