That will set envoy enterprises – and the youth of factory whistles will rush to the Globe, not to hide the forest of explosives. Well, the appointed manager. And why no one noticed the change? In the Soviet era for all of us have ever read of the Bolshevik agitators in the North Caucasus republics. Leaving for the mountaineers, who had to be carried away by communist ideas (not billions, of which the Commissioner was not, and IDEAS!), These people were asked their leader Sergei Kirov instruct them in these words, which he said would be at their funeral. After the ceremony they were going to do their work, knowing that they can stay in the mountains forever. Yes, they were killed, but continued to campaign followed suit marching mountaineers as long as they swayed to his side. A few years later, the names of the commissioners came to be called streets, towns and cities.

Those Highlanders that they believe have committed rightly taught us to Soviet historians, the grand leap from feudalism to socialism. The current North Caucasus for two decades of deadly "reform" is almost back in the days of feudal lords: State officials have turned to new princes, half-dead industry, inter-ethnic conflict increases, drug addicts and gangsters roam near schools and kindergartens, the Russian language into a foreign language, the minarets are springing up like mushrooms … Maybe not everywhere fifteenth century in the yard, but did not twenty-first. And the current need of the North Caucasus, it seems, not "managers." And in those same agitators commissioner, which would help to understand what is happening to people around, would convince adopt a new rule as their own. Let not afford to be commissioner to draw a picture a bright future – is impossible in the absence of any ideology.

But people at least someone can speak in human language, and not in the language of nauseating television picture with the next "meeting"? Tell me about the points of who you are, why he had come, what you want, like going to achieve this. Most importantly – show their determination, their strength. Twist in sheep horn at least a few, about whom the people for sure knows that this thief and scoundrel. And then with two hands Caucasians vote for your unlimited power, until the dictator. Alas … the lips of ambassador only a "cash flow". Remember the movie Shukshin "He lives the kind of guy"? There's a character actor Kuravleva sees himself in a dream medical general who goes on a hospital ward and all in a row, regardless of the illness, prescribes the headache tablets. That's how the power we are not willing to prescribe nothing, but millions and billions, and will act this way or, conversely, would kill the patient – the issue tenth. Full article at the website of the newspaper 'North Caucasus'