It is both an art and a craft. But you learn it just not on a weekend or a NLP book. I want to tell people clearly, that they have to do something at this point, and that even the best way often but not always works.” The experienced controller has been selling early. As a teenager he dealt with rare vinyl record collecting was a hobby where you could earn money from MP3, prior to the CD.”he explains. At that time, I had no problems to get rid of my goods. Since the shopping was rather the problem; to find really rare plates, was naturally not easy.

But I stayed on it repeatedly and have driven up some very special collectibles. So I’ve funded my own collection and still something worthy.”selling is both strategy and relationship management” Alexander Meneikis explained. After I once had realized what it actually selling is indeed a clever strategy and real relationships I was long sold out after a short time several years. Then, my need was so great, what you learned to write, that I just had to take a break, to write the course. Above all, I wanted to warn all self-employed before the big promises. Mainly I will burn money.” The author is committed to its setting. On the multimedia website you hear already in the welcome MP3 I guarantee you now 100% that you convince everyone! “, followed by questions concerning the development of an own sales strategy.

The website provides numerous content free available, including lecture videos and audio interviews. In my opinion, not a self-employed person comes around at the beginning of the cold calls. He must simply talk to potential buyers or outsource the acquisition, but this is often ineffective and expensive, worth only in some cases.” Instead: Rather a solid strategy develop, which is then although still not perfect, but provides much better results than selling without a strategy. Alexander Mahadeo