If the choice on the novel spring mattresses should fall, then it is advisable to prefer the so-called Pocket-sprung. While lying on the mattress behave so that they allow a so-called occasional sinking of shoulders and hips. This is especially important in avoiding unnecessary stress and bad posture of the spinal column. A good mattress optimally supports the spinal column, if the natural bends of back Council are supported. It is beneficial if a mattress is so soft that the pelvis and shoulders can sink. Thus, the spine is anatomically stored, tensions can be avoided.

The fall of these areas of the body is especially significant if it primarily is the sleeper to so-called page sleeper. The cross in the area of the lumbar spine is supported so that a hollow back can occur in the supine position and even Lying position is possible. Latex mattresses are only recommended if they adapt to the body and there are special cavities. You are however poorly ventilated. It is inconvenient to use a Matzratze LTeX because it has an enormous weight and already the problem may be the Insert for back sick people.

Also the contact and obtain the mattresses can be harmful to back for this reason. Foam mattresses are, however, much easier and therefore people with existing back problems to recommend. A technically important note is the advice that people with a large body size and a high weight priority should choose a harder mattress, because this a better support feature. Small and light body weight people can take advantage of a soft mattress, however. To find this out, can a lavish Pro out represent an investment opportunity. Fundamental when choosing the Matzratze is also the aspect that the body of the resting phase in the night can achieve an optimal form of Sun, as individually required. One disadvantage of different mattress types is that they can not adapt the natural physique and back problems are the consequence. A mattress is a positive influence on the sleep even if she can realize a corresponding distribution of pressure of from various regions of the body. In this context, the so-called pressure point elasticity of mattress plays a central role. She should be well marked out mainly in the neck region of the shoulder. People who suffer from chronic pain due to joint wear and tear, should choose a mattress, which can better distribute the pressure in the affected areas of the body and thus, pain and inflammation are prevented. The painful signs of wear can massively also occur at the knees, if no sufficient padding is done by the appropriate mattress. Many people use over many years old and partially located through mattresses. These can cause numbness cause in the arms and thus a fitful sleep. A mattress has a good balance of pressure in the area of the lower leg, swelling of the lower legs can be avoided so that existing venous diseases. These features should be pointed out at a mattress purchase. Mattresses in terms of allergic disorders have an important role. This can arise in connection with dust mites. Mattresses with special coatings made of textile materials, which are interwoven with silver threads, have an especially antibacterial effect. Also, this will inhibit the formation of dust mites and work against fungi, viruses and other pathogens. For allergy sufferers, a water bed is recommended on mattresses.