Peter Brook is a theatre of stylish simplicity, therefore the place remains as he has become. Everything is in its place, nothing is falsified by superfluous trappings and still one there is warm, lively atmosphere. The actors come from different Nations, cultures, ethnic groups and belonging to different religions. For example, Peter Brook has Jewish roots, the musician Toshi Tsuchitori, indicating atmospheric sounds the game originates from Japan, Khoury had a grandfather, was the priest of the Syriac Orthodox Christian Church in Palestine. Khoury, who has stood on the stage of this world more than 30 years in Germany from the film the Syrian bride”is well known time for a conversation has taken, to tell about the piece, the theatre, Peter Brook and his own life. Khoury told like and it forgets that he is actually very hungry. He tells of Palestine by his encounter with Peter Brook when he even in Mahmoud Al Djidaria Furthermore wischs”played, and his children, who practice the profession of his father. With his children, he is in the middle of the theme of tolerance.

His son is in love with the daughter of a very devout Muslim and is their love sake converted. That gave some irritation within the extended family, but love was greater. Khoury can tell well, the pictures are tightly woven and enriched by his whole personality. “His father was a lawyer and Makram Khoury should also be there but he didn’t: no, I want to be a lawyer, lawyers lie”, he accused the father. But also lies”actor, he got to the answer. Khoury says he feels his work as an actor rather than lies: the images and sensations come through all channels, you can make yourself the truth in you. It depends on what you put your focus.” And he brings that to life in General: you decide, what are you doing with your life. You must be aware, question what it actually does, and is, always question.” It seems this wisdom to share with Peter Brook, because that is the way as the pieces are kept alive by Brook.

Once in a while the old master among the spectators, and at the sitting next sample is discarded some old and new tries, so the actor not only routinely play the piece. I asked Khoury, what him you like in theatre life in the Bouffes North. There is no job, the one that breaks down. The ensemble meets before each performance to attune. We are always surprised by these exercises. Sometimes I feel reminds me at the drama school. It does substantially well work.” His eyes Flash in. He sold his belief in this theater well, finally he told ever since he can remember his stories with enthusiasm. Currently excites him tolerance. Makram can be generously translate. The role of Tierno Bokar seems to fit him well, must be generous in several difficult situations. Five years ago, Peter Brook wrote about ham pate Ba’s history: the issue casts a vivid light on a question, which concerns all of us the power of violence and the true tolerance, which is much more powerful. Make us feel really concerned, must the theatre have something to do with our lives, to achieve our vision, the elements of a play must be always fresh and unexpected. This story combines two aspects. You gives no answers, but brings a mystery to life.” Who wants to Paris soon, should look necessarily, in addition you tonight Nord the Bouffes, it’s worth. Eleven and twelve”but will go on a world tour. Helmut N. fork