Way to make: Dressing gown well, in a dough mixer, the egg yolk, the honey, to oacar and the margarina. Later, it places milk, the flours, the fiber and the embryo, mixing well. Pass the grape and the plum in a little of flour and places namassa. Finally, it adds bicarbonate and the clear one in snow. It places it kneads in a form with central puncture and bakes in moderate and preheated oven. Sequiser, after drawing out of the oven, polvilhe with ralado coconut.

VEGETARIAN CRAB Ingredients: 1 small cabbage, 4 eggs, 1 glass delight of small coconut, I smell green, olives, onion, 2 tomatoes, 2 xcarasde cassava flour, 1 margarina soup spoon, salt, 1 tablet of caldoKinnor of vegetables. Way to prepare: Cut the cabbage in bemfininhos pieces, places with water in the fire to cook. It removes and it drains. In umapanela it places the temperos to refogar. It adds broken eggs and to deixefritar in the fried sauce moving well. It adds the cabbage and the milk of coconut econtinue moving leaving the coconut milk to dry. It removes of the fire and it places emforma refractory. Farofa with the flour and the butter makes one and covers repolhoservindo to follow.

CAJUZINHO OF SOY Ingredients: 1 xcara of soy residue, 1 xcarade torrado and worn out peanut, 1 xcara of ralado coconut, 2 egg yolks, 1 xcara to deacar, 1 achocolatado soup spoon of. Way to make: It puts in a pan all osingredientes, less the egg yolks and the coconut. It always boils during 5 minutes, moving. It joins egg yolks beaten with 2 spoons of sugar and boils more 5 minutes. It joins ococo, it moves well and it disconnect. It makes the cajuzinhos, pass in the sugar. OATS CROQUETTES Ingredients: 3 xcaras of oats, 2 eggs, 2 colheresde soup of margarina, 1 xcara le milk, 1 xcara of ralado cheese, parsley, olive and salt.