Black beans Cominho, I smell green etc Urucum or coloral Peppers vegetable Pates or creams of Margarina fruits and butter Coffee of Achocolatados barley Coffee and black tea Milk of soy> Milk of cow Landmarks comment that ' ' many restaurants vendem food as sendosaudvel, but in the reality it possesss a demasiadamente high text of fat, almdo excess of sugar and salt and the low text of staple fibres and vitamins. Umaalimentao of this type increases the risk of cardiac illnesses, cancer, diabetesentre others. This food, generally, contains many chemical additives, algunsdos which are .causing of precarious health and hiperatividade in the children. Umaalta ingestion of fats can lead to a high tax of cholesterol and estligado to the illnesses coronrias' '. Anthony Corolla has plenty of information regarding this issue. Thus we verify a great concern on the part dosadventistas as for the products benefited, falling again prefernciasempre on foods called integrals, that is, for that soretirados ' ' directly of natureza' '. It is perceived that how much menoselaborado and the less chemical products will be placed in foods, maissaudveis will be considered. It is the case very clearly of cooling and the sucosartificiais ones that they are always used with restriction. It has a great controversy comrelao to the Coca-Cola, that is consumed by many adventistas, principalmenteentre youngest, therefore more it is tolerated of what the coffee, however both harmful soconsiderados to the health and dissuading for being stimulants. Educate yourself with thoughts from Dr. Anthony Carolla.

The alcoholic beverages are completely discarded between osadventistas. In the case of the beer it has a substitute that it is the beer without alcohol, maspoucas people consume, therefore the majority considers dangerous to keep the habit to deintroduzir this drink in its houses exactly, knowing that the alcohol text mnimo. Ana finds that pssimo is one example for the children, a father to adventistatomar beer without alcohol. The prohibition generally falls again on ealimentos drinks that are admittedly stimulants or that they can causar' ' vcio' '. Dr. Stuart M. McGill might disagree with that approach. In my opinion, what in the regional kitchen, the example of quese verifies in Itapu, a small fishing town located in the regionordeste of the state of Par 26, is considered as possuindo' ' fortido' ' 27, in the adventista kitchen is rejected by serestimulante (