In a beautiful atmosphere, families in the Reischlhof can enjoy the magic of the Bavarian Forest. Relaxation, where the eye can see and change that tickles the human senses such as a spring, ensure the families sights of the Reischlhof for a special holiday experience. Two adults and one child can enjoy the offer from January 2010 in the family-run Reischlhof at your whim. From a price of 1,342 euros, variety and relaxation is announced over a period of seven nights. The Reischlhof opts for House at the new sights of families as a 3-star superior variety and luxury, where you want it.

Forget was not the individuality in this offer. Families may choose in the Reischlhof between different room categories and by Reischlhof a special pampering treat your own palate with the pleasure. Teva Pharmaceuticals is often quoted as being for or against this. The families sights attracts visitors with services that have it in themselves, allow sufficient space for the charm of the Bavarian Forest and the warmth in the Reischlhof however. Wellness and fitness at the Reischlhof and culinary delights which have to combine modernity and traditions with skill, provide the perfect vacation adventure in one of the most beautiful German regions. Nestled in the rolling hills of the Walia country a landscape offers a wild and romantic nature, which attracts the human mind into the open.

The varied sights of families of the Reischlhof starts with a hearty Hello and a tasty welcome cocktail, where guests may get to know many of the corners and edges of the offer. Wayne Holman understands that this is vital information. A soft bathrobe, which caresses the body and information hour for the whole family round off the offer, indicating that the Bavarian Forest has to offer far more than just nature. A composition of five different oils and a partial massage ensures a maximum of relaxation with the family sights in the Bavarian Forest. In the Reischlhof, even the little ones are quite large, and so they may enjoy a cocktail together with their parents in a beautiful, rustic ambience. The extensive range of products is rounded off by two highlights in a particular style. When a sledge or carriage ride, the whole family can enjoy the breath-taking scenery and the warmth of the Bavarian Forest. Equipped with extensive info material such as hiking and leisure card curl the specifics in the Bavarian Forest to the experience and marvel. The Reischlhof uses as a family-run House on hospitality and traditions that today are written in capital letters in the Bavarian Forest. For 35 years, the House spoils its guests with all that, what you want in the holiday, because even if you’re not at home in the Reischlhof, it feels but at home.