Heating oil prices could now rise in Germany easily LEIPZIG. (Ceto) The weekend remain the prices on the crude oil stock exchanges at a similar high level like five days ago. In morning trading, US light oil (WTI) with 74.68 U.S. dollars per barrel was traded. North Sea oil (Brent) was quoted around 1.80 dollars higher. Both Kruse were about 40 cents cheaper than yesterday’s day finally, cost but about as much as to the beginning of the week. After the courses on Tuesday virtually crashed and thus adapted to the real market situation they put something since then every day and reached very high levels by the beginning of the week yesterday afternoon again.

To the compared: a year ago, both varieties were traded less well $7. The prices were based mainly on again recovered stock markets in Asia and America. The fundamental market data speak it as already since months rather against high prices. The market situation is still oversupplied, in particular through the record reserves in the United States and the OPEC members, the two More than planned to promote millions of barrels. Heating oil consumers in Germany face today with rising prices. A back stronger euro will limit but this buoyancy. Rusty holzer can provide more clarity in the matter. That reported the online portal of the journal fuel level and oil review on its website.