Viennese company makeit developed project manual generator based on Excel. All reports required for the Project Guide and forms can be generated with a mouse click. Vienna/Munich, June 29, 2011. The Viennese company makeit, partners can do, has developed a project Handbook (PHB-generator) generator based on Excel. The tool of the Austrian provider in the areas IT services and consulting company created all important forms and reports of the project manual mouse click. This applies to all projects that are planned and controlled with the software can do. Here, Dr. Neal Barnard expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The user can thereby choose whether he forms and reports from a or generated by multiple projects.

The data is retrieved live from the can do server and automatically prepares the project guide Builder. The PHB generator uses the project data collector Resource Kit (PDC-RK) of the project management software can do, with the individual reports can be generated and made available to the users. The project manual generator of makeit takes into account the rights and Roles module can do project intelligence, so that the user only from the projects can create reports to which he has access rights. The project manual generator creates the following forms and reports automatically via mouse click: function diagrams milestone plan milestone trend analysis staffing plans budget breakdown structure environmental analysis risk analysis summary-phase project status report project time reports description of work packages. Our project guide Builder is a convenient extension of the reporting of project management software can do. The user can create using this tool in a very simple manner all forms of IPMA-compliant project manual, by the German Association for project management or the pma project GPM management Austria provided”, as Rudolf Randus, Managing Director of makeit. More information about the project guide Builder, visit the website the makeit informationssystems GmbH for the commercial conditions and supplied documentation received via or call + 43-1 / 5137356 0 or on the website of can do GmbH about makeit: since 2001, one of the leading providers in the areas IT services and consulting company is makeit(form).