The absence of this principle of the edge to the desperation, the precipitation and some other negative feelings, as: the resentment, the bitterness, the rancor, the anger and clera that they can in them take the internal and external diseases. The impatience can bring obtains social and domestic problems as in the familiar and conjugal relationship. You may want to visit clothes for tall women to increase your knowledge. Destarte, the only way to be immune to everything this is to leave that the Espirito Santo involves our being. This if of the one for intermediary of the delivery and total resignation of our nature the God. ADVERSITIES the storm in our home has as objective to desnudar the foundations of the communion with clear Gods and to put to the o level of ours commitment with Mr. It makes with that the life is real, of meat and bone, with pillow watered for the tears in the solitary silence of the night. For even more analysis, hear from Wayne Holman Miami.

When the difficulties and storms if present of intense forms, and the Christian feels itself incapable by itself to modify the order of the things, does not get over, before he looks for the ways of the favour to act and to be successful with the direction of God. Valley to point out that resignation is different of longanimidade, therefore that one is the act to resign, to give of hand, is fruit of the hopelessness, workmanship of the incredulity, thing of the meat. The true patience is resulted of the supernatural action of the Espirito Santo in the life of that they only know that they can wait in Mr., therefore It, according to its will, has the power to bring of the death for the life all the dreams, plans, objectives and accomplishments. RESIGNATION Two Biblical tickets that illustrate with clarity attitudes of desperation and total longanimidade absence: ‘ ‘ Then, its woman said to it: Still you hold back your sincerity? It curses the God of morre.’ ‘ J 2,9 ‘ ‘ the woman of L looked at stops backwards and was converted into a statue of sal.’ ‘ Gn 19,26 Perceives that in both the cases, hang a feeling of resignation, conformismo and lack of spirit to recommence or resignation to the life, antagonizando the longanimidade, that through the faith and of the favour, the Christian supports the revezes of the life and looks for to reconquer what he was lost, recommencing of where he stopped. PATIENCE the longanimidade glimpsed in J, in the ones backwards a reflection of important quo is to support bitter and prickly the moments, crying and moaning, however faithful and grateful the God. It was valid imposes a fine on to wait with patience of the one in Mr.: ‘ ‘ turned you the captivity J, when it prayed for its friends; added you the J another one in double to everything how much in such a way dantes possua.’ ‘ J 42,10 At last, thinking about the patience, not only about our daily one, of faith and communion with God, I imagine that this virtue also is related to the way as we relate in them with the next our familiar ones.