In many parts of Spain and is being tested that phenomena such as heavy storms are increasing, while hurricanes and tornadoes are devastating as the one experienced in Malaga, Catalonia and the Cantabrian coast. Also check out how the average values of the summer will become drier, increasing drought and therefore expansion of deserts. In fact, it is predicted that many Mediterranean areas will become deserts. On the other hand, as it has predicted the Potsdam Institute will be experienced serious problems with flooding when an increase in sea level of up to 1 meter. The consequences in a country such as Egypt where 12 million people live on the banks of the Nile Delta would be that with a rise of 50 cm. would have to move inland.

In Bangla Desh would be 70 million which would be affected. In fact both the Solomon Islands in the Maldives and are taking preventive measures. But are the governments thinking the health consequences of these migrations will cause? In this regard a study published in the journal The Lancet stated that in the coming decades will place enormous heat waves in U.S. and Europe, with higher levels in large cities and the consequent emergence of tropical insects. The chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Pachaury, told a news conference that the most effective measure to confront climate change is to avoid eating meat.

In fact, in Germany the Ministry of Environment recommended a drastic reduction precisely what would turn a good measure to curb hunger in the world, as it may seem that there was enough food for all, the fact is quite different because Earth gives food for 12,000 million people, but a very high percentage of all global cereal crops are destined to feed the animals that are consumed primarily in the developed world. Inexplicably Meanwhile the number of deaths from hunger increased in 2008 by 75 million people over the previous year. Despite this each year are bred in the world 1300 million cattle, which need between 7 and 16 kilos of grain and 20,000 liters of drinking water to produce one kilo of beef. How many children could be fed with the grain and this water? How much could still be avoided?