That just do not talk about the guest marriage. Like, a union of two selfish, and lazy is no union of concerned people. This – promiscuity, statutory sex. Or completely the opposite: the possibility of self-realization, no quarrels, life, the freshness of feelings, including sexual abuse. In general, many people, so many opinions.

What it is: guest marriage? Most often, male and female formalize their relationship. Less likely to: live in cohabiting relationships. A further It is as it is most convenient in this particular pair, it depends on many factors: the place of residence, health status, presence or absence of work. For example: My friend, a resident of border town of married Finnish citizen. But here in Russia it has an interesting job, a certain social status, an apartment, an adult son. Where is she will be there? At best-seller.

At worst – would stay home and suffer from boredom and loneliness. The woman, full of vigor, energy becomes a regular killjoy, to lose oneself in this life. Therefore, their marriage became a guest. Week there, a week here. And my husband to be proud of his wife, a teacher. And she is happy that he loves her. And, although they not young, they have great sexual relationship, despite his Finnish temperament. Other couples are found only on weekends, go to a joint release. In the Internet age, when we meet, fall in love, despite the distance, guest marriage is a panacea for many. We can not leave his house, job and fly to the edge of a lovely light.