After the collection of data had visits to the schools, production literal, categorizao of the data, lectures, distribution of folder, news, spreading of the research of field in the fair of sciences of the school as well as in the local medias. During the inquiry process the ethical aspects of the research had been considered involving human beings, in accordance with Brazil (2000), contemplated in the Resolution number 196/96 of the National Advice of /CNS Health. For in such a way, the term of free and clarified assent was elaborated, assuring information to them on the objective of the study, the freedom in each one to participate of this study, the right the privacy as well as giving up in any phases this study without damage for its image and work. RESULTS AND Resulted QUARREL of the research of field Given to partner-demographic FAMILIAR IDADEPROFISSORENDA 14-18=37 19-23=18 23-26=5No works-53 Work to a wage -25 1 Superior wage-19 to a wage-16 TOTAL606060 As it demonstrates to the data demographic partners the majority of the interviewed ones are adolescents in the 62% total. In its majority it does not work perfazendo a 88%so total only students and the familiar income demonstrates mesclados being 42% possesss income below of a minimum wage. therefore these factors of characterization did not intervene with the result of the research. When inquiring the pupils on the subject sonorous pollution, 30% had affirmed not to know the meaning of the subject and 70% had affirmed to know the concept of sonorous pollution.