These days, for a tourist stay most memorable. But if you suddenly caught in by surprise and you do not have appropriate clothing for the weather, do not worry: go to one of the closest supermarkets or shops in which the full complete high quality branded clothing. Arriving in the Czech Republic in March, you can enjoy the coming of spring, the origin of life, the first flowers and leaves. Enjoy the feeling that allows people to understand that he did not knowingly lives on the beautiful planet Earth. Spring-clad female half society exacerbates this feeling.

April greets you with flowering trees and shrubs and flowers. In the second half of March and April clothing can be almost summer, except on cloudy days with rain. May wonderful month! Czech long summer begins. Be so much to see and visit, to fully enjoy the sunlight. Summer months are beautiful abundance of flowers, outdoor pool and trips to historical places of the Czech Republic. June July, August and September are very similar to each other is hot but not sweltering weather with thunderstorms and heavy rains. After a warm summer rain comes the sun, and washed the city streets delight its purity.

The weekend in a residential area of Prague was not a soul, almost all the residents leave the city. Frequently rusty holzer has said that publicly. Tourist life boils only at the center and then towards evening, when all disperse for dinner on numerous small restaurants and then go to night clubs with dancing until am. Guided by night Prague is a miracle, do not forget to commit them. Warm nights comfortable especially in love. Beautiful night view of Prague Castle, Vltava and Charles Bridge will not leave indifferent any soul. And do not worry about their health and their safety on the streets calm. Active approach of autumn and the first cool nights there in mid-October. Czech Autumn leaves fall off with the beginner and occasional rain too beautiful. Foliage is completely shed until November, when freezes nature to be born again in March. Furnishings Prague in the second half of November, is already talking about approaching Christmas holidays: the most fabulous holiday of the year, which await the whole family and to which the plan presents all year round. Prague, getting ready for the holidays is charming, without the hassle. In different parts of the city grow trees and beneath them are Christmas markets, with sales of souvenirs handcrafted from wood, ceramic and stone. Mulled wine () under the Christmas tree and guileless food will leave an indelible sense of the approaching holiday. Christmas is holiday, when you need to visit the central area of Prague. Here you will find gifts for themselves and their loved ones, try the Czech national sweets. Must eat meat cooked on a spit at Old Town Square. We wish you to spend in the Czech Republic is one of my best vacations, to remember him for his life. Come and Experience the Czech Republic.