But now in my world we do not have a good relationship, and do not want them support, and we do not care about it. And in its disorder blame others. So I think if I should come to the window at night? After all, the last time it turned out: I'm actually currently smoke, no touch, see, this incompetent – the former classmate dragged a neighbor's cabbage. Well, to me, in general, and to hell with it. However, this Prorva and me can come, so afraid, I guess. Tea, knows that at school I was not a coward.

Well, come what may, I'll go to sleep. In the morning knocking on a neighbor, opened the door, and he swung at my face … And so it began in my world … … 2008 crisis. I wanted to run over to America, but realized that if his home farm demolish, then I would be very bad. Moreover, we must also agree to the following year so that cabbage all got to – it is not known whether the same technique again someone will break or the weather will not, or who locusts on a bed sit.

It turns out that we cared about before his own good, and now, so this is not enough be. Must also maintain the relationship and this is the first place. After all, if it is not primarily for us, no matter what is – your fence on my bed of apple will fall or it will disturb my wires, as well damn it! There's really not up to economy will be … We also have another example – the World Wide Web. Communicating via the Internet is attracting new fans. During the first half year of its existence, the number of users of social networks 'My World' has grown to 25 million. This is more than the population of Kazakhstan, Norway and Finland combined. The attractiveness of such a relationship – the freedom to choose the form of communication, orientation circle. There we can be what would be. And above all, by that we can choose who we want to be. Is it possible to create conditions for our relationship in real life? Absolutely. Even in ancient times the Kabbalists said that the foundation of human development – is the choice of his entourage. AND he was not achieved due to the fact that I will sit closer to China or to talk more with America, but by what I see of myself in both the first and the second, and in any other. It depends only on my relationship to you. And if you have is all attitude, and everyone will be my world, and peace everyone. And this is a completely different world … This is just and necessary care. Oleg Safronov