The mode of feeding is much more than the Act of eating itself. When deciding which foods to buy, how to cook and how to eat them, we are choosing a way of life. Food influence our body and our health. But, in addition, the power becomes evident how we relate with other living beings and nature in general, since we are part of it and not mere observers of the events occurring in our environment. Then, what you say feed us? How we we relate the environment? Do you cook food if, in so doing, lose useful properties of nutrients? Why are we insist on consuming foods high in fat if we know that they can cause damage to health? It is possible to venture an answer to these questions: do not possess enough knowledge about how to leverage the nutrient richness that brings nature, and we are guided by cultural traditions that are not based on the science of food, and who don’t know the chemistry behind the kitchen. Learn more about this topic with the insights from PCRM. We now know that, with the exception of some cases, natural foods in raw State possess the greatest possible nutritional richness.

Raw food or raw food retains the nutritional properties of food, and not carrying flour, gluten, or dairy. In a diet raw vegan or kitchen without cooking the foods are not exposed to temperatures above 42 C. It has been shown above that temperature cooking not only destroys nutrients, especially vitamins and enzymes that nutrients are chemical changes that may become injurious to health and carcinogenic. However, the raw meal or live food, stimulates the enzymatic potential of our body and increases the energy we need to maintain and repair the tissues, organs and systems. A diet based on fresh fruits and vegetables without cooking is a higher quality diet and provides the body of the necessary nutrients for a long and healthy life. In addition, allows you to enjoy the flavors and natural textures of food and promotes the approach to the nature and the respect for other living beings and the planet in its entirety. Feeding with life is based on vegetables, Greens, fruits, dried fruits, nuts, seaweeds, sprouts, fermented as kefir or sauerkraut, esenio bread and crackers, dehydrated to mild temperatures and many other options.

It also includes sweets like truffles, creams, ice-creams and cakes. And of course the superfoods such as goji berries, raw chocolate, delicious juices and smoothies. The main methods employed by the raw kitchen are the germination of seeds, dehydration at low temperature (40 C), the emulsion by mixing, marinade and shake. Take advantage of all the potential nutritional and energy: try for a few days and feel it! If you want to learn more about this lifestyle that allows you to rejuvenate naturally, there is more information on Megumi is author, instructor and coach and has inspired many to lead a happy and healthy life by integrating more power with life in their day to day. Megumi Saananda is internationally recognized for his work as a coach, to inspire through its virtual presence in, his books and workshops many enjoy a lifestyle with more health, beauty and well-being.