After oil price shock and constant price increases now joy about high prices for package tours to the seaside holiday to Thailand in the autumn and spring of 2009 Thailand air travel be immediately up to 390,-cheaper short-term relief and a rest of the fares to Bangkok and Phuket in Thailand. Thus, a flight approaches after Thailand, with a stopover in Bangkok, a northern Thailand tour and the relaxing spa and wellness holiday at the beach of Khao Lak, Phuket or Koh Samui again on a price level of the previous years. The GlobeTrotter and Asia expert Olaf Diroll gives recommendations for cheap travel deals by specialists for individual air travel currently and customer-friendly have calculated. An interesting combination of Asia with flights of the airline is Emirates, to receive a stay in Bangkok with a followed by a vacation to relax by the sea and a stopover in Dubai on the return flight from 849,-as a complete price. This 14-day journey with 12 nights can bus round trip with a northern Thailand as well as day tours \”around to Bangkok\” are added.

The complete packages can immediately to 14.11 ordered be posted and who are valid for selected outbound flights between 26.10 25.3.09 (excluding 9.12. 6.1.09) nor the many numerous combination possibilities that just provide Asian countries with good transport links, culture and exciting nature, is undecided, still not overlooking, which is also helped. On the homepage of Diroll tourism an \”electronic\”Kit is installed and click future Asia Explorer can display is desired or proposed combinations. You will immediately receive a cost estimate with breakdown services, which can also be printed out as a pdf file. On request can be clicked continue and a booking request goes to the travel agency of travel pilot, who with their expertise to check the availability, but recommendations aimed or even switch to a combination and name suggestions.