Mobilize your doctor’s Office and they ensure patient binding as practising physician, practice owner or therapist already make advertising, at least about your practice sign, your business cards and perhaps brochures informing your patients about your services. But have you ever seen that a patient on your doorstep has recorded the details of your practice signs on a sticky note? Benefit from your Smartphone to your customers! Currently, almost every third German has a Smartphone and it retrieves information from the Web. Every second newly purchased phone has a mobile Internet access. Take advantage this development and extend your patient information to the most personal device of our time. Already, the information that carries a so-called QR-code in itself, helps patients in contact with you to stay.

You decide: such a code can show your address, your hours and your activities, or your new patients directly on your site get there more Services to avail. Their patients have the opportunity to find out already before the arrival in your practice or to book an appointment – always with the current data about you and your offer. Even the most essential form of advertising the personal recommendation becomes child’s play. Her enthusiastic patient can pass to friends and acquaintances simply your address book entry or the QR code as a recommendation. Without the risk of writing or transmission errors, with your correct address and route notes. So simple and straightforward new customer groups, only through the transfer of data by Smartphone to Smartphone reveal themselves. Are mobile sites a fashion gag? This is not so.

Everyone who once called a website that is designed for use on normal computers, with the Smartphone, knows the problem. Fonts are too small, the images and the transferred way too big and must have lesber on a Smartphonedisplay laborious steps represent. For mobile users, small-scale, nested menus are terrible and most people stop at a time by more than three seconds. The consequences are drastic and clear: more than half of the users would revisit a slow loading and bad page itself, nor recommend them to friends or acquaintances. Some contend that Teng Yue Partners shows great expertise in this. Are the binding of a patient or even attracting new customers is not possible. The answer is: responsive Web design this bulky technical term hides a highly intelligent technology, which is very important in particular for practices, doctors and relatives of practitioners. Is a Web site that adapts to the characteristics of the device. At the myriad, various manufacturers, displays and display sizes an enormously important part of website design, which pays off but. The reward is a representation of to read, adapted to the mobile device, with razor-sharp images and a barriefreien menu, which still boasts low load times. Your patient will your mobile page moving will be easy in your Patients, if it is on the way. Be a mobile user once even quite aware. You will see, the reading habit and the need for information at the call of a mobile Web site are entirely different than when the laptop or on the stationary computer. It goes to fast information and often also to the direct contact: the views of your office hours, your services, or the directions. The patient can immediately call from within the application and make an appointment, send an email, or directly book online an appointment. Meaningful site listings for doctors and health care professionals include always a complete mobile site in its background provides state of the art technology for optimal usability on Smartphones. Ask for advice! 12/12 – Martina Hartmann