Freud rescued a definition of talking about the conflict: The conflict subjugates it is based on a bewildering mix of love and hate? And lasts over time because the parties fear what might happen if a paradox is resolved, so I choose to open the position to sustain and build finally able to discern that our bottleneck is not the conflict but how we react to it the same time we can see as a proliferation of cosmetic surgery clinics and advertisements on magical treatments, because more and more people decide to have surgery to feel better about their bodies, to modify a part that they are not comfortable, either on its own initiative or by response to social pressures that drive models and even manipulate the perception we have of ourselves. A person therefore due to a neurological problem, may have problems with perception, but what about the perception of healthy people?. Another important element that allows you to focus this work is the increasing incidence of psychosomatic diseases of disputed origin that are hotly debated among scholars and relate as well with an emerging problem: stress. Unidentified ailments are common causes and strategies to improve the quality of life and prevent these conditions are not very clear, this invites us to consider it necessary to provide a diagnostic study and subsequent implementation of the necessary resources to improve the reality and expectations . All these problems can be addressed in a multidisciplinary way in a space designed especially to start thinking about the discomfort, the acceptance, frustration, expectations, what we expect of ourselves. Defogging the lens is to look at the world and develop our critical to better choose what is healthier for our body and interior.

Changes may be in a few meetings working from personal assertiveness. Here are some questions that do likewise, which measure the degree of discomfort or anxiety experienced in social situations. This is different social situations. Measure your personal satisfaction: ….. In meetings where I know few people. …..

When I’m with people my own sex attractive. ….. When I exercise. ….. When I wear tight clothing. ….. When someone praises my appearance. ….. When you criticize me for my appearance. ….. When I think of how I looked before. ….. When the talk is about the appearance ….. If I dress different from others in a social event. In rank order from least to most satisfaction these situations that can cause discomfort and / or anxiety. Erickson notes that the main task of adolescence is the search for his own identity and this implies, first, the consistency of body image upon which the unity of the person. From the perspective of sociology Zenon Pereyra explains that the brand of religion, myth, ideologies, customs, and essentially brand social classes, are mediations underlying the thinking, feeling and using their bodies. For the same Zeno are interpreters and interpreted in a constant dialogue body.