Orthodontics – a large branch of dentistry which studies the causes and development of dentoalveolar anomalies and deformities, functional and cosmetic disorders, caused by them. Developing methods for prevention, diagnosis and treatment in conjunction with the development of the human body. Over 90 percent of the world's population have crooked teeth or a malocclusion. And more than a third of cases require specialized orthodontic care. Every year Frequency of pathology bite is constantly increasing.

This is due to the nature of the food consumed by modern humans. Food is soft, and our dental apparatus, as a rule, does not receive the planned nature of the load. As a result, jaw bones of modern man developed enough, and his teeth stayed the same size and they are getting crowded. There are inherent reasons: for example, a person grows fewer teeth than normal, they "run away" by jaw, and between them produced large unsightly gap. External include exposure to adverse environmental factors, artificial feeding of children and many others. "Curves" teeth and malocclusion can cause psychological problems of communication, adversely affect human destiny. But even if we overcome the psychological "complex curves of the teeth, problems that they cause is not resolved by themselves. Even minor malocclusion compound for gum disease, provoking the development of dental caries because of the impossibility of adequate hygiene, lead to rapid abrasion of teeth, difficult, and sometimes do just impossible, dental prosthetics. But the most dangerous – can lead to violations of the temporomandibular joint – the most complicated joint in the human body.