In maintaining the health of physical exercise can not be overstated. It will not work. Exercise strengthens the muscles, ligaments, and retain the strength of the joints, stimulate metabolism, increase resistance to colds, increase the breathing capacity of lungs, increase the minute ejection of blood, calm the nervous system. And, last but not least, reduce weight and improve the shape, as well as provide more beneficial effect. To get the effect of physical exercise to improve health, you need to gradually increase the duration and strength exercise. It was gradually, because otherwise we can replace expected benefits to cause health harm. When physical exercise the most vulnerable – the heart.

Healthy people should aim at increasing physical activity is at the heart. Whatever physical exercise you do, this will be at the heart of practice. If there is a diseased organ, we should consider it his reaction to the load. Together with the reaction of the heart. Why is the gradual building up of physical load? It may be that people did not even remember the last time you did exercise. In this case, all the organs and systems detrenirovany.I's a man decided to take his health and he knows that the physical Exercise improves it. If he is right off the bat will rapidly increase physical activity, what happens? Nothing good. It is quite possible heart attack.

Or more, not less objectionable … So do not rush to catch up lost in a short srok.Uzh if lost time, now have patience and prudence. So you want to regain health and believe that you have enough willpower to physical activity. Then evaluate the performance of their respiratory and cardiovascular systems. How? Here's how: by shortness of breath while climbing stairs. Climb to the 4th floor a normal pace, without stopping. If there was a shortness of breath, a few hours again, repeat the test and calculate pulse. If the heart rate below 120 beats per minute, this is good. Above 140 – it's bad. And if bad, then do not need any testing and training you need to start with very light exercise. With a good pulse of the same (120 or less) can remember all the exercise you've ever done, or seen as others do, and do them all up a sweat. But then again, I remind you exercise Grow slowly. Up a sweat – it's a month or two. And remember – long but light exercise, if they do not quicken the pulse, do not give effect therefore, spare no self, do not be lazy, and with intense exercise you will support and strengthen their failing health. Good luck to you in the desire and commitment to improve health through exercise.